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Flying the flag for a truly natural product, we didn’t set out to make the ordinary
protein shake with fake flavourings and a long list of unpronounceable ingredients...

We set out to create the very best protein shakes in the world without adding sugar or vast amounts of sweetener and flavourings. And protein is just part of the story.
That’s why we add a healthy dose of natural fats and fibre from whole food ingredients - not commercially processed and low nutrition powders.

At Purition, what we do is combine ONLY natural ingredients - by that we mean seeds, nuts and natural food - and we chop, mix, grind and pack all of our products ourselves, in-house, right here in the UK.

Natural and healthy protein powder

About our natural protein and nutritional shakes

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Above all we set out to create Purition - natural protein shakes and nutritional shakes made with real food ingredients.

There’s a big difference between flavour and flavourings. Flavour is what Purition has because it’s only packed with real ingredients. Our Strawberry is from strawberries not strawberry flavouring, our Vanilla has real Madagascan vanilla inside.

It’s THE difference that makes the difference.

If you’ve tried Purition, you’ll know these things make the difference, they make Purition unique and we’re so proud of each and every one of our products. But unless you try you’ll never know, which is why we sell our Discovery Boxes for £12.99 (with free shipping!) so you get to try all of our natural flavours.

We are here to challenge the established protein shake, diet and meal replacement shake markets and challenge you to forget fake sugary shakes and try our real food alternatives to junk filled protein supplements, fake nutritional shakes and dodgy diet shakes made of nothing.

THIS is protein as it should be - Purition.

Yours in health,

Team Purition





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