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Sweet Essential Hydrator

Sweet Essential Hydrator

Avocado and cucumber may sound like the type of ingredients you would usually put in your lunch time salad, but they can also make a great addition to your blendie. Adding the mango brings a little bit of natural sweetness to this cool green shake. If you’d like to make this blendie Vegan friendly try using our Raw Vegan Hemp Purition instead of the Coconut.



  1. 4 x 10g scoops of Coconut Purition
  2. half a small avocado (about 50g)
  3. 1/8 of a cucumber (about 20g)
  4. 1/4 of a small mango (about 40g)
  5. 250ml ice cool coconut milk



  1. Begin by chopping the cucumber, avocado and mango into small pieces
  2. Add these into the blender
  3. Top with the coconut milk
  4. Measure 4 level scoops of Purition into the blender
  5. Give it all a really good blend
  6. Pour into a large glass and enjoy!


You can use your favourite Purition flavour, or try a new one!
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