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Piña Colada Blendie

Piña Colada Blendie

If you like a piña colada then you will most certainly enjoy this blendie recipe. Although most of us would rather be sat on a beach enjoying such a drink, it will still bring a little bit of sunshine to your day. If you’re feeling extra tropical, try adding a squeeze of lemon for that extra citrusy-zing!

(Note: if your prefer your piña colada Vegan friendly then please use our Raw Vegan Vanilla blend instead of the coconut)



  1. 4 x 10g scoops of Coconut Purition
  2. 1/4 small mango (about 40g)
  3. small pineapple chunks (6 - 8, about 20g)
  4. 1/2 small banana
  5. squeeze/ slice of lemon (optional)
  6. 250ml coconut milk



  1. Chop the mango and banana into small pieces
  2. Pop these into the blender along with the pineapple
  3. Pour over the coconut milk (if adding a squeeze of lemon do this now)
  4. Measure out 4 level scoops of Purition
  5. Blend all of the ingredients together, ensuring that it is nice and smooth
  6. Finally, pour into your glass of choice, and enjoy!


You can use your favourite Purition flavour, or try a new one!
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