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Our Corporate Responsibility 

Our Corporate Responsibility

Like you, we here at Purition care about our bodies and also the world around us. It is easy to mistakenly assume that everyone thinks the same way but we do not make enough noise about how important it is and how small steps, taken by a small company, can help to make a big difference. We are frequently asked what our stance is on the environment: so we would like to provide an insight into how Purition operates, together with how Purition approaches the environment and ethical food production.

ingredients from the European Union

To reduce transportation, pollution and carbon footprint, we do not source any ingredients we can buy from within Europe from further afield even if that means paying a premium. Food security and safety are paramount, which is why we do not import in any ingredients from China.

All of our ingredients are sourced via UK-based suppliers, who are BRC accredited and therefore have procedures regarding child labour, health & safety, testing and more.

We are also proud to say that we don’t employ any members of the Purition team on minimum wage or unpaid internships.

No food waste

The building within which our production facility is housed recycles grey water to flush toilets, uses sunlight to provide the heating for water and the internal areas of our production facility and offices. Our air handling systems also recover heat which goes to heating the floor. Our thermostats are conservatively regulated. Currently our packaging is not widely recycled however 20g of waste contains 12 meals which, in comparison to shopping for food in a supermarket, is substantially less. This packaging does offer a 12 month shelf life for Purition products and easy transportation, thus cutting down on food waste through spoilage. We have a 12 month plan to ensure that all of our packaging will be fully recyclable.

We have a 12 month plan to reduce all unnecessary use of plastic (even though we recycle it) and we took the step to remove the plastic scoops (which are recyclable) from our bags from February 2018.

All of the cardboard packaging used at Purition is made from recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable.

There is always opportunity for us to do more.

We welcome your feedback and if you have any comments please email us at hello@purition.co.uk


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